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题目:The Growing Nexus between Computational Data Science and Transportation Science: The Excitement and the Challenges

主讲人:Chandra Bhat教授,The University of Texas at Austin




题目:Modeling Empty Miles in Ride-sourcing Systems

主讲人:殷亚峰教授,University of Michigan, Ann Arbor




题目:Last train scheduling for maximizing passenger destination reachability in urban rail transit networks






摘要:This keynote presentation will focus on a new data science landscape in which a whole host of smart equipment can act as sensors — legacy roadway systems, smart phones and GPS systems, and smart cars themselves. The key issue is how to deal with such voluminous and diverse amounts of incoming data per unit of time, and translate them into usable information for near-real time operations purposes or for longer-term planning purposes. This is a challenge, given the low latency and data reliability required to translate data into actionable intelligence, especially for such safety applications as collision avoidance. In addition, computational data science to translate data into information requires the ability to deal with data that may be from multiple sources, highly noisy, heterogeneous, and high-dimensional with complex interdependencies. On the last of these, the joint modeling of data with mixed types of dependent variables (including ordered-response or ordinal variables, unordered-response or nominal variables, count variables, and continuous variables) is a tricky problem. The presentation will discuss the exciting possibilities, some enquiry and computational data science pathways forward in terms of methods, and the research challenges in the emerging landscape of data science applications for the transportation field. This will include a discussion of the activities being undertaken as part of the U.S.DOT-funded Tier 1 Center at UT-Austin on “Data-Supported Transportation Planning and Operations” (D-STOP).*D-STOP is the>主讲人简介:Prof. Hai Yang is currently a Chair Professor at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is internationally known as an active scholar in the field of transportation, with more than 240 papers published in SCI/SSCI indexed journals and a SCI H-index citation rate of 53. Most of his publications appeared in leading international journals, such as Transportation Research, Transportation Science and Operations Research. Prof. Yang received a number of national and international awards, including National Natural Science Award bestowed by the State Council of PR China (2011). He was appointed as Chang Jiang Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education of PR China; Prof. Yang served as the Editor-in-Chief of Transportation Research Part B: Methodological from 2013 to 2018 and is now a distinguished editorial board member of this journal.